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Member Stories: Hayley Joyes

Tell us a bit about yourself, what’s your background and what’s your business?

I’m an Editorial Director. But I guess you could also call me a content strategist and copywriter. I cut my teeth as a music journalist and editor, and while I still dabble in that world, over the last 15 years I’ve diversified to offer brands, ad agencies, not-for-profits and SMEs strategy around everything they need to be better at digital storytelling; this includes building teams, developing new ways of working, digital platform strategy, brand tone of voice and bringing in a variety of voices with my amazing network of writers. 

What does an average work day look like for you?

Emails, slack messages, client calls, tea, coffee, Radio 4, NTS, Rinse FM and lolz. I split my day in half and use the morning for the right side of my brain activities – mostly interviewing people and copy writing . The other half of the day I focus on strategic work. I like them both equally, but some days are more creative than others. Although I’ve been doing this for 15 years, I don’t think there’s one sure fire way to be productive, and it’s completely dependent on your mental health and energy levels.  

Who, or what, inspires you and your business?

I’m deeply rooted in electronic music, the arts and culture. I love to see anarchic and rebellious storytelling, like what Keiran Yates and Emma Warren do. I love DIY publishing, last year I created a zine with one of my favourite artists, FyonaFinn. I’m obsessed with stories, people’s lives and getting to the core of people’s behaviour – in digital realms and IRL!  

What have been your major successes so far?

This is a hard question. Every contract, agency or client I’ve had has given me so much – even the tough ones. I guess for pure writing stuff it has to be: penning a piece about sexual harassment in nightclubs for Resident Advisor, articles for Time Out London and holding a clubbing column in the Metro Newspaper (London) these feel like success. Heading up the editorial team at Red Bull Studios for their global network was transformative… and of late the work I’m proudest of is the editorial direction work I’ve been doing with the guys at DOCUMENT, plus the Press FWD campaign with Berghaus Lifestyle and Warm Street’s ‘The Bu$ine$$ of Culture’.  

The Saffron Team

What can you tell us about your work with Saffron and the Sustain Saffron campaign? 

I’ve been working with the music gender equality not for profit for the last year. I have been consulting on their digital direction and more recently helping with the #SustainSaffron campaign behind the scenes. They’ve been hit by funding cuts, and now they are running a crowdfunder to stay afloat.

They are so so SO very important, because the stats around women, non binary and trans people taking up space in this area are SCANT: 

  • Less than 5% of the music tech industry is women, non-binary or trans people. 
  • Less than 1% of these are Black, Asian or ethnically diverse. 

If you can’t see people who look like you doing these creative jobs, how can you ever consider it as a career pathway or option? The same issues exist outside of music in the creative industries – but that’s a whole OTHER conversation. Right now, it’s all about asking those in positions of power to make a commitment to help equalise the gender gap and invest in the next generation. 

You can find out more and donate here

What are your favourite things about working in Bristol?

Everyone is so darn friendly and everything is 15 mins away which means you can get your nails done between meetings. 

Desert island situation: what 3 things can you not live without?

In no particular order: my bike, my dog and my partner. 

"It’s a real community vibe and it's so good to have coworker colleagues as it makes a big difference when you're a lonely editorial island – like me."

Why did you choose to base yourself at Hamilton House?

Emmeline Cafe. I mean that’s a big selling point for me – ha! Have you tried their salads and toasties? The staff are amazing too.  Hamilton House is in the heart of the hustle and bustle, there are great shops like That Thing and the space (when it’s warm) is bright and everyone is super friendly. It’s a real community vibe and it’s so good to have coworker colleagues as it makes a big difference when you’re a lonely editorial island – like me. 

Do you have any exciting projects coming up that you can tell us about?

Sure, I’ve recently scored my own radio show the first Tuesday of every month on AAJA. I learnt to DJ as part of Saffron’s Mix Nights and playing tunes makes me so happy! I have a feature forthcoming with Women’s Health Magazine, plus a couple of client projects I can’t tell you about yet. Soz!

Where can we find out more about what you do?

On my website of course: and you can add me on LinkedIn too if you’re a real keener!