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Startup at Boxworks 2024 - The Winners!

Over the past few months we have been busy running our Startup at Boxworks competition – a collaboration with YTL Developments and Aerospace Bristol offering the opportunity for small businesses and new startups the chance to win 3-months free tenancy at our Boxworks studios in Brabazon.

We received a number of impressive entries spanning a range of business types and would like to say a big thank you to all those who entered. After much deliberation our judges have chosen the winners…

The Winners

We are thrilled to announce that ConeX Portal are the winners of Startup at Boxworks 2024!

ConeX Portal is a members-only hub that is building a strong community of manufacturers, product developers, engineers and suppliers across the UK. By fostering collaboration, they aim to connect and grow the manufacturing sector through events, online activities and project pooling platforms, integrating every link within the supply chain. 

What does a studio space mean for them?

A studio space at Boxworks provides ConeX Portal with the opportunity to elevate their brand image and build a more established, recognisable presence. Our judges were impressed by ConeX’s aspirations to embrace the collaborative opportunities at Boxworks and hope that their willingness to work alongside other businesses will prove impactful for their members. The studio space at Boxworks offers a great environment for collaboration, enhancing the social and community spirit behind the company. 

“This incredible opportunity will allow us to fuel further growth and build on our partnerships with the vibrant aerospace community in Bristol”

Sam Baynham, the founder of ConeX Portal said, “ConeX are thrilled to be awarded the 3 months residency at Boxworks, Brabazon! This incredible opportunity will allow us to fuel further growth, supporting our wider manufacturing ecosystem and build on our partnerships with the vibrant aerospace community in Bristol. We look forward to a productive three months at the new location and cannot wait to contribute to the region’s innovative spirit.”

We can’t wait to see ConeX Portal thrive in their new workspace and continue making valuable contributions to the manufacturing sector in their studio at Boxworks.

Take a look at what they’re all about in the video below!